Na Clachan Cottages really are pet friendly accommodation.

We want your pet to be comfortable

We want your pet to be comfortable

Having travelled throughout New Zealand with our dogs we have been frustrated with the language that some accommodation providers use around “pet friendly”.  We have stayed at places where the advertising says dogs are ‘welcome’ to find the pet must stay in the vehicle.  Or we have been to places that are just a little tired and perhaps less human friendly because they claim to be pet friendly.  We reckon their advertising should be changed to ‘pets tolerated’.



Dogs and chooks don't always get on this well

Dogs and chooks don’t always get on this well


Our dog, Riva, is part of the family, and as much as possible where we go, she goes.  We try to ensure she has clean paws before she goes inside, she is not allowed on the furniture and we always clean up after her.  Same rules apply at home.



Dog at rarangi beach

Rarangi beach is dog heaven. Pretty good for humans too!

The Taylor River is a dog friendly walk close to the town centre

The Taylor River is a dog friendly walk close to the town centre








So at Na Clachan, dogs really are welcome.  We provide a dog towel, a bowl for water as well as a food bowl (sorry you need to bring your own dog food).  Your dog can be in the cottage with you as long as s/he is house trained and well behaved.  You can take a walk together around the property but please be aware we have chooks and chooks and dogs don’t always get on.  Just ask to make sure the chooks are in their enclosure.

The Wairau Lagoons walk is  one of Riva's favourites

The Wairau Lagoons walk is one of Riva’s favourites

If you chose to take a Marlborough wine tour with Na Clachan we will dog-sit for you so that you don’t have to worry.

We can give you advice on the best places to exercise your dogs, where they can be off the leash and have a good run around.  There is plenty of choice within 15 minutes drive of the cottages.

Our pet friendly approach includes a range of pets.  During the years we have had guests stay with horses, cats, a kune kune pig, rats and mice (these definitely had to stay in the cage and we checked the car to make sure the same number left as arrived!), mexican walking fish, a rescue tui, budgies, canaries, a sheep, guinea pigs.  However, don’t take this as a challenge to surprise us with something new!



So if you are travelling with a well- behaved pet you really are welcome to book with Na Clachan Cottages.