….. is to have no pre-conceived plan

Every visitor is looking for the perfect Marlborough wine tour that matches their wishes.  Otourlogone of the questions we frequently get asked when people are enquiring about Na Clachan’s Marlborough wine tours is “where do you go, which wineries do you visit?  It is a fair enough question, but for Na Clachan it is impossile to answer ahead of time.  We do not start our wine tour with a fixed itinerary, but chat to our guests, find out what wines they enjoy, whether they have any particular requests and then do our best to tailor the day to suit the wishes of the group.  After all, it is your one day in Marlborough, your Marlborough wine tour and if there is a particular place you want to visit then, if at all possible, we will include it in the tour.

Oak vessels at Clos Henri

Pinot noir oak tanks at clos Henri

There are about 40 cellar doors to choose from, so no two tours are alike.  We may get asked to visit a particular winery, often one that has been a regular favourite with the guest.  But the requests can be of a variety of types:

–  wineries that are still family owned and operated

–  NZ owned wineries

–  organic wineries

–  boutique wineries

–  a particular wine variety – riesling, gewurztraminer, bubbles (hmm, lovely)

Clos Henri Cellar Door

Clos Henri Cellar Door. Great wine and a beautiful setting

–  cellar doors with interesting architecture

–  a look at the vines and the annual cycle of vineyard management

–  places with interesting art or gifts

–  a visit to a working winery (this can be a bit more tricky as the winery itself has strict health and safety regulations but we have our secret sources of viewing!)

–  somewhere to watch the harvest (only an option in late March to April

–  anything but chardonnay (the classic ABC drinker)

Vineyards and the Richmond Range from Seresin

Vineyards and the Richmond Range from Seresin

–  somewhere with a brilliant view of the region

–  somewhere else with a wine like that one!

But what if you have no idea where you want to go or what you want to see and taste?  Don’t worry, our guides Helen and Chris have lots of great ideas.  As we go, just tell us what you are enjoying and what is not so much to your taste and we will select places that match that style.  Often guests just want to visit a selection of wineries to get a feel for what Marlborough gets up to and to understand a bit more about the history of the industry.



Group tasting at Lake Chalice Wines

Lake Chalice always puts on a great tasting experience

So sometimes when we get asked “what is the plan for the day?” and say there is no plan, people can think that we are disorganised but we really want to be able to design the tour around your wishes and until we have met and chatted that is impossible to do.  Whether you have specific requests or just want to leave it all to us, Na Clachan can design the perfect Marlborough wine tour for you.  It actually makes our job a little more challenging, but the end result is well worth it.