Tasting on a Marlborough wine tour

Tasting at a winery of your choice

We know there are plenty of choices out there.  But a Marlborough wine tour with Na Clachan is a little different.  So check out the reasons why our Marlborough wine tour is the perfect choice for you.

1. You like wine

Of course that is a great starting point. But you like wine enough not just to want to try a few different ones, but to learn a little more about what makes them different, why you like that one more than this one.  You like it enough to want to understand more about both wine and your own palate.  Having said all that we have taken people who don’t like wine on a Marlborough wine tour but in general they are there to keep their partner who is an avid wine fan, company.  The magnificent views, the stories and the friendly welcomes make it a good day even for the non-drinker.

2. You want flexibility from your Marlborough wine tour, so that you can have some choice about where you go

I’ve been on wine tours around the world where you see the driver’s itinerary when you climb aboard the bus.  My heart sinks – its already fixed in concrete, where you will be visiting, how long you will be at each winery, which wines you get to try.  A Marlborough wine tour with Na Clachan is not like that.  We have a chat at the start ( or when you book) and if there are places you want to visit, or styles of wine you favour we try our best to include these on the tour.  Of course, if you do not have any requests we have plenty of great ideas.  This makes each Na Clachan Marlborough wine tour unique.  Naturally on a group tour there has to be some compromise with the other members of the group so if you want total control then the Na Clachan private Marlborough wine tour is the one for you.

3. You want to learn a bit more about why a particular wine tastes the way it does

How do the grapes differ in flavours?  What influence does the winemaker have?  How will each wine change over time?  What about the Marlborough soils, how do they make a difference to the fruit? We’re happy to share our knowledge and experience.  As former growers we can answer many of your questions, and if we don’t know, we certainly know how to find out the answer.

4. You would like some one to tell you in simple words what some of those wine terms mean

Burriques, secondary fermentation, malolactic fermentation.  It doesn’t have to be mysterious.   We demystify wine – it’s just grape juice and yeast after all.

5. You want to find some new wine labels or varieties that you like

Many of our guests know they like something but have no idea why and so are cautious about selecting an unknown wine.  Na Clachan’s Marlborough wine tour guides will help you to identify the qualities of wines that you like or dislike so you can be more confident about selecting new wines that you will enjoy.

6. You want to relax and enjoy the wine without worrying about driving

You won’t have to worry about navigating, closing times, best lunch spots or where to find a particular variety.  Leave all that to us and just focus on enjoying your day.

7. You would like to have an insight into the way grapes are grown

Na Clachan were contract growers for 12 years.  We will take you into one of the vineyards and demonstrate how the grapes are grown.  If you come in March or April you can taste the fruit for yourself – a personal preview of the upcoming Marlborough vintage

8. You want to know what it is that makes Marlborough sauvignon blanc so different from sauvignon grown anywhere else in the world

The punchy, full fruit flavours and zesty finish are the hallmark of Marlborough.  Why?  Is it our Marlborough charm, the soils, the skill and cunning of the Marlborough winemakers, the Marlborough climate?  Sorry you’ll have to join a Marlborough wine tour with Na Clachan to find out but we promise all will be revealed.

9. You want a personalised tour even though you may be part of a small group

We know this is your one day in the Marlborough vineyards and many of our guests have some place or wine that they want to experience.  We do our utmost to make that happen for you.

10. You want a guide who is more than just a driver, someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about  Marlborough wine

Na Clachan’s Marlborough wine tour guides are crazily enthusiastic about Marlborough’s great wines.  we take our work seriously and carry out serious research in our spare time.  We personally taste as many of Marlborough’s wines as we can when we are not working so that we can use this information to tailor our tours to your wishes.  Its a difficult job we know, but we are up for the challenge