Treat yourself to an exclusive, luxury wine tour with Na Clachan’s Private Marlborough Wine Tour. Whatever your requests we can completely tailor a private wine tour to suit your desires, needs and style!

Private wine tours are charged at NZ$100 per hour plus tasting fees.  These vary depending on your choice of wineries but if you budget about $20 per person for tasting fees that should be plenty.

For most visitors a group wine tour is perfect, but there are a number of scenarios where a private wine tour might be your best option.

With a relatively large group a private tour can work out to be more cost effective and you get to decide the itinerary.

If you have children in your group we suggest you take a private tour as we can then include stops that are much more child friendly – a wine tour can be a bit boring when you are seven but a quick duck out to the play park or ice cream shop can cheer things along no end.

Or you may just be looking for a tour that is a little more exclusive, where you can determine the itinerary and all the wineries without having to compromise with others in the group.  If you give us reasonable notice it may be possible to arrange a visit to some of the more exclusive wineries with tastings only by appointment.

A private Marlborough wine tour with Na Clachan gives you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the region’s best wines at your own pace.

Awatere vineyard view
Awatere vineyards and Cape Campbell
Wine tasting at Clos Henri's Marlborough winery
Wine tasting at Clos Henri's Marlborough winery

Options for a Private Marlborough Wine Tour

Mercedes E320
Travel in style in our Mercedes

We know each group is different so every Marlborough private wine tour is different.

If you have more than three in your group, travel in our air-conditioned minibus and make it yours for the day.

If there are only two or three passengers  you might prefer to ride in our luxury Mercedes  with Chris.

Whichever option you choose, chat with us to decide your itinerary and timings for the day.  You may have wine styles you want to include, particular wineries, or perhaps scenery and interesting stories is your thing.

Whatever your requests we can completely tailor a private wine tour around Marlborough to suit your needs.  Start and finish times are up to you as long as your tour runs for a minimum of four hours.

Email or call us for a chat about the possible itineraries or a quote for your Marlborough private wine tour.