Marlborough Activities are not solely focussed on wine

Wairau Valley View

Wairau Valley view from The Ned

Wairau Valley may look like its all about grapes, but dig deeper, there’s so much more

Na Clachan Cottages is a great base to explore Blenheim and Marlborough.  We get many guests staying in our accommodation for one night who leave saying “I didn’t know there was so much to do here.  I wish we could stay longer.”  It seems the range of activities here remains a secret and many travellers think wine is all we have to offer .  Perhaps the international success of Marlborough wines is part of the problem.  Most travellers have heard of the reputation of Marlborough wines, particularly our sauvignon blanc and because that is all they have heard, that is all they think we offer.  Even in the wine world, many guests who take a tour with Na Clachan Wine Tours are surprised by the range and styles of wine available.  Not only do the majority of travellers think we only do wine here, they also think we only do sauvignon blanc.

It is time for the blinkers to be removed.  Think again.  There is a wide range of MArlborough activities to choose from

mountain bike view

There are plenty of opportunities for mountain biking

There is plenty to keep you busy if you stay a few days longer in Blenheim.  Within half an hour’s drive of your accommodation at Na Clachan Cottages we have museums, art galleries, craft workshops and displays, shopping, town gardens, golf courses, a driving range, a fantastic new pool and sports complex, ten pin bowling, paintball, walks along rivers, walks up hills, walks in farmland, walks in forests, walks on beaches, opportunities for fishing, kayaking, mail boat cruises, river cruises, scenic flights, wildlife tours.

Oh and of course there are wineries where you can sample a range of cool climate wines either independently or on Na Clachan’s Marlborough wine tour.

Or you could just have a lazy day with lunch at one of the many restaurants that serve excellent local food in stunning settings.

To find out more check out our photo gallery of local activities and attractions.  You’ll want to stay a while to fit it all in.