It had to happen.

Sauvignon blanc alternatives

you’ve drunk the wine….

You’ve drunk the wine, you wear the T-shirt with pride, you’ve visited the wineries, bought the poster, the postcards and the wine dogs book – each and every one of them focused on your favourite tipple – a glass of chilled Marlborough sauvignon blanc.

Sauvignon blanc T-shirt

you’ve worn the T-shirt




Marlborough sauvignon blanc deserves a celebration

So what’s the obvious next step?  The song of course!  The mp4 (see, I’m a modern girl) celebrating Marlborough’s most prolific wine, much loved around the world.  Na Clachan Wine Tours in collaboration with “With Strings Attached” is proud to bring you the world’s first song (well we think it is, who else would be daft enough to write one) celebrating the marvels, the glories, the punch of Marlborough sauvignon blanc.

And we know that a great hit needs a video, so we’ve done that too.

Now wherever you are in the world, set the video playing, open a bottle of your favourite Marlborough sauvignon blanc and dream about your perfect Marlborough wine tour with Na Clachan.  Sing along and toast a great wine in our celebration of Marlborough sauvignon blanc