Marlborough sauvignon blanc has become a favourite tipple throughout the world.

Another idea for a Celebration of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

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So many wines to try on your Marlborough wine tour.

You’ve drunk the wine (many times!) been on a Marlborough wine tour, worn the sauvignon blanc T shirt with pride, adored the pooches in the wine dogs book, sent home the postcards, so what is left to do in celebration of Marlborough sauvignon blanc and its the amazing flavours?

Na Clachan have the answer.  It’s the song and video of course. The mp4 (see, I’m a modern girl) celebrating Marlborough’s most prolific wine, much loved around the world.  Na Clachan Cottages in collaboration with “With Strings Attached” is proud to bring you the world’s first song (well we think it is, who else would be daft enough to write one?) celebrating the marvels, the glories, the punch of Marlborough sauvignon blanc.

And we know that a great hit needs a video, so we’ve done that too.

Sauvignon blanc T-shirt
you wear the T-shirt

Now wherever you are in the world, set the mp4 playing, open a bottle of your favourite Marlborough sauvignon blanc, dream about your perfect Marlborough wine tour with Na Clachan, raise your glasses and join in with the chorus for our Celebration of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

Its just a bit of fun, but isn’t that what wine is all about?  Fun and enjoyment?